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Building confidence, reducing risk

Reduce uncertainty and risk on your projects by engaging with the best utility survey practitioners, while improving the underlying accuracy of utility maps.

Confidence in the position of buried services is critical to the success of your projects, and engaging the best utility survey practitioners helps to give you that confidence.

Conversely, inaccurate and incomplete asset location records provided by utilities add to the risk and potentially the cost of your projects. You can be part of the journey to improve asset location records across the industry and improve the quality of data available to you during the planning phase.

Your Challenges

Inaccurate data increases risk and cost

Not having confidence in the presence and the location of buried assets on your site increases uncertainty at the planning stage, which in turn increases risk and potentially cost for your project overall.

Identifying the good guys

There are now published standards relating to the practices and quality of utility surveys, but these can seem esoteric and misunderstandings are commonplace. How can you select the utility survey practitioner who is going to satisfy your requirements and reduce the risk on your project?

Making things better

Every project teaches you lessons. How can you circulate and apply the lessons relating to buried assets so that things are better next time?

How USX can benefit you

Match your requirements for utility surveys with the services of professional, progressive survey companies

Be part of the agenda to improve utility as-laid drawings to reduce planning and pre-construction costs, and improve safety

Report discrepancies and omissions back to asset owners with a click of a button

Collaborate with like-minded organisations and share the burden of utility surveys