Our Vision

To improve the quality of the authoritative record of buried asset locations at source, via the controlled sharing of high-accuracy utility survey data with asset owners.

Our Stakeholders

Our Goals and Principles

  • Inaccurate and incomplete underground utility location maps are a major cause of accidental damage to buried utilities, endangering lives, causing disruption, introducing uncertainty, risk and additional cost into construction projects, and having a negative impact on the UK economy and society as a whole.
  • We believe that control over, and responsibility for, the authoritative record of utility locations should remain with the asset owners.
  • We believe that PAS128:2014 and PAS256:2017 provide useful and objective standards, and wish to promote stronger understanding and adoption of these standards across surveying, utility, contractor, construction and local government sectors.
  • We believe that Utility Survey data, captured and stored in accordance with the standards set out in PAS128:2014 and PAS256:2017 is an invaluable source of information in improving the accuracy, completeness and currency of the data held by the asset owners.
  • We believe that informal “on the spot” reports regarding the disposition of buried utilities can also be a useful source of information if routed efficiently and correctly to asset owners.